A report regarding the

National US Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC)

The Arab American Chamber of Commerce is the official owner of the trademark of the name of (Click here to view the official trademark certificate)

The Arab American Chamber of Commerce (AACC) is placing this article to clarify points regarding National US-Arab Chamber of Commerce (NUSACC).

We encourage you to read the "Articles of Incorporation" of NUSACC.    This will give you a basic idea of what NUSACC was created for.

It is easy to understand from these "articles" that NUSACC has to pay 30% each year of any revenues (not profit) in one or more of following seven ways.

In order to ensure that revenues derived form the corporation’s operations are used to further the corporation’s purposes, not less than thirty percent (30) of any revenues derived form certification as to country of origin shall be devoted to one or more of the following of the corporation’s intended activities :
1. Cultural and educational programs sponsored or supported by the corporation;
2. Information programs developed or supported by the corporation;
3. The making of grants in furtherance of the corporation’s purposes
4. The preparation and dissemination of the corporation’s publication:
5. The implementation of ,or support for ,trade promotion programs or activities, 
including seminars, conference ,studies delegation
6. The conduct of ,or support for, or the collection of data or information on trade 
between the united states and the Arab world; and 
7. public affairs and governmental relation.
The above is an excerpt taken directly from NUSACC's Articles of Incorporation

Please click here to read the entire NUSACC Articles of Incorporation

We have included a copy of the tax returns of NUSACC, form 990, for 12 years. You can decide for yourself if NUSACC is paying this 30% or not.

  2009 2005 2001 1996
2012 2008 2004 2000 1995
2011 2007 2003 1998 1994
2010 2006 2002 1997 1993

NUSACC Tax summary for years between 1993-2012

Here are few points that we would like to highlight:

The NUSACC is an organization promoted by the Arab League. 
It is public knowledge that the Arab League recently fired many of their employees  for financial reasons, however, the salary of the president of NUSACC  "David Hamod" was $172,500.00 annually. 

In July 2007, AACC offered to pay the Arab League 70% of all projected income derived from certification of commercial documents if they would give AACC the exclusive right to provide the certification services to the Arab countries.  AACC believes that if we were appointed, we would generate over $3,000,000 in 2008. This would provide the Arab League with revenues from the income of the certifications of approximately $2,100,000
To the best of our knowledge, AACC believes that NUSACC did not pay the Arab league any percentage of the revenues that they received from the certification services. 

Because of the difficulties of communicating between AACC and the Arab League in Egypt and Lebanon, we are providing this web site as an open invitation to the Arab league to make an intelligent decision in this matter. 

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